Technology Pathways, LLC is a leading edge provider of computer security tools for the Corporate IT, government and legal communities. The ProDiscover® family of security products combines high quality, performance, and ease of use at affordable prices. Technology Pathways makes products for:
  • Incident Response - Quickly investigate and positively determine if any compromises have been made to your systems as the result of an incident – without taking your system out of service.

  • System Audits – Effectively audit systems throughout the network to insure that they have not been compromised.

  • Internal Investigations – Investigate and monitor internal computer systems to insure compliance with the law or corporate policies.

  • Computer Forensics – Thoroughly examine all data on a computer system, locate any evidence that is stored on that system and safely preserve that evidence for use in a court of law.

  • Digital Discovery – Find and produce evidentiary quality electronic documents for civil proceedings.

Santa Barbara, Ca. & New York, N.Y., April 9th, 2014 -- Technology Pathways, LLC, a leading provider of incident response and computer forensics solutions for the corporate IT, government and legal communities, today announced that The ARC Group of New York to become the sole distributor of ProDiscover® a leader in the digital forensics and incident response software tools.

“This move will allow ProDiscover ® to increase its market share and expand on its already innovative feature set developed over the past decade” said Christopher Brown, CTO of Technology Pathways. “Existing customers will continue to receive the excellent support they have become accustomed to in addition to a wider array of training and implementation options.”

“In the near future ProDiscover ® will be rolling out an array of new and exciting features reflecting cutting edge forensic methodologies while continuing to support the tried and true base that the product had been built on.”

ProDiscover is currently in its ninth release.

Read the full Press Release: ARC Group of New York to become the sole distributor of ProDiscover 04/09/2014

See the ARC New York Web site for more information.

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