The ProDiscover® Family of Computer Security Tools

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The ProDiscover® Family of computer security tools enables systems administrators, consultants, and investigators find the data they need on a computer disc. Whether you suspect your system has been hacked or are looking for discoverable evidence in a civil proceeding or criminal investigation, ProDiscover® will make your job easier, improve your productivity, and preserve the data needed for any legal proceedings. Designed to the National Institute of Standards Disk Imaging Tool Specification 3.1.6, the ProDiscover® Family provides affordable solutions for:

  • Incident Response
    Quickly and positively identify intrusions to your systems without taking your system down. Get any corrupted system back on-line quickly and gather the evidence needed to prosecute an intruder.
  • Corporate Policy Compliance Investigation
    Check for policy violations or conduct internal investigations remotely through your company's network.
  • E-discovery
    Improve your productivity and insure compliance in any civil discovery action. Quickly search large data sets and find the documents you need. Preserve critical "last accessed" metadata and document your results.
  • Computer Forensics
    Find all the data, even in hidden HPA section, Alternate Data Streams or slack space. Create hash signatures for all files and compare them to the information from the National Drug Intelligence "Hashkeeper"database. Automatically generate reports and "evidentiary quality" information that will hold up in court.

Santa Barbara, Ca. & New York, N.Y., April 9th, 2014 -- Technology Pathways, LLC, a leading provider of incident response and computer forensics solutions for the corporate IT, government and legal communities, today announced that The ARC Group of New York to become the sole distributor of ProDiscover® a leader in the digital forensics and incident response software tools.

“This move will allow ProDiscover ® to increase its market share and expand on its already innovative feature set developed over the past decade” said Christopher Brown, CTO of Technology Pathways. “Existing customers will continue to receive the excellent support they have become accustomed to in addition to a wider array of training and implementation options.”

“In the near future ProDiscover ® will be rolling out an array of new and exciting features reflecting cutting edge forensic methodologies while continuing to support the tried and true base that the product had been built on.”

ProDiscover is currently in its eighth release.

Read the full Press Release: ARC Group of New York to become the sole distributor of ProDiscover 04/09/2014

See the ARC New York Web site for more information.