Computer Forensic Tool for Law Enforcement

ProDiscover® Forensics is a powerful computer security tool that enables computer professionals to find all the data on a computer disk while protecting evidence and creating evidentiary quality reports for use in legal proceedings.

Features and Benefits:

ProDiscover® Forensics is a key tool for effective computer forensic analysis. It is not possible to hide data from ProDiscover® Forensics as it reads the disk at the sector level. This least intrusive approach also allows you to examine the files without altering any valuable metadata such as last time accessed. ProDiscover Forensics will not alter any data on the disk - period! ProDiscover® Forensics can recover deleted files, examine slack space and access Windows Alternate Data Streams. It can even dynamically allow you to preview, search and image the Hardware Protected Area (HPA) of the disk utilizing a patent pending process.

ProDiscover® Forensics lets you search through the entire disk for keywords and phrases with full Boolean search capability to find the data you want. You can use the hash comparison capability to find known illegal files or to weed out known good files such as standard operating system files by utilizing the included data from National Drug Intelligence Center in their Hashkeeper database. ProDiscover® Forensics's powerful search capability is fast and flexible, allowing you to search for words or phrases anywhere on the disk, including the slack space. The extensive on-line help capability and easy to use GUI interface allow you to quickly start using ProDiscover® Forensics.

ProDiscover® Forensics automatically creates evidentiary quality reports needed to document your results, complete with every file and hash signature where evidence was found. This saves time and prevents errors which might compromise your case.

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Each single end-user license purchased of ProDiscover® entitles a single user the right to use the ProDiscover® software. Copies of ProDiscover® may be installed on up to three machines provided, however, that only one copy is in use at any given time. ProDiscover® installations may also be moved as needed. See the ProDiscover® End-User License Agreement for details. Site and Enterprise licenses are also available for ProDiscover®.