Company History 


The initial versions of ProDiscover came up back in the year 2002. Since then it has been widely used for the Corporate IT, Government, and Legal markets. The ProDiscover family of forensic software addresses applications including criminal and civil investigations, corporate internal investigations, incident response, and electronic discovery.


ProDiscover has been a pioneer in the industry. It has developed various innovative and advanced features very early in its product lifecycle. ProDiscover has been successfully used  in both civil and criminal court cases and the remote forensic capability had been a major differentiator for the product. ProDiscover product suite has been used by over 400 customers across 70 countries. The core developers of the product are managing the company now.

Management Team 



Surya Madiraju brings more than 2 decades of experience.  He started his entrepreneurial journey with LegalCraft in 2005, which went on to become a global leader of real-time evidence management solutions in Asia, Australia and Europe.  Under his leadership, LegalCraft has created a growing market of prestigious clients ranging from multinational law firms to national/international courts in Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America.

Prior to LegalCraft, Surya worked with LiveNote Inc, the litigation support software monopoly.  He started his career as a Mechanical Engineer specializing in the design of static and material handling equipment.  He is an alumnus of the University of Melbourne (Masters in International Business) and also has a Masters in Computer Systems and Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering



Kiran Prathapa brings over 20 years of experience in designing and implementing software applications and products.  As the CTO at LegalCraft, Kiran was responsible for all aspects of project execution and delivery, managing small and large development teams to create a world-class software solution.  His oversight role included resource development, requirements management, design and architecture, risk management and quality assurance.  Kiran was responsible for developing the company's transcript and evidence management product suite (LegalCraft Transcend® & LegalCraft Transform ®).

Kiran enjoys writing code, technical problem solving and learning new technologies.  Kiran also holds a passionate interest in philanthropy and its application in a capitalistic economy.



KVRN Kiran  brings around 20 years of experience in designing and implementing software applications and products.  After working for product companies like IBM, Kiran joined LegalCraft 12 years ago and handled product development, delivery and resource development and management for the company's transcript and evidence management product suite (LegalCraft Transcend). He also owns the cloud infrastructure and all cross-platform related activities.


Kiran has been part of the core development of ProDiscover from very early versions of the product suite. As a founding team member, Kiran is instrumental in driving significant enhancements in the product. He has contributed to almost all versions of ProDiscover product suite.


Kiran enjoys writing code and photography. He is also an avid travel and is interested in Hindu mythology.