Three day intensive ProDiscover training and certification classes are available through Technology Pathways or one of our training partners. Contact the Technology Pathways sales department for details.

Tuition is $2500 and On-Site training is available. Contact to register or for more information.

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Demo Tools

Demo Tools


"Ever worried that the system you are seizing uses whole disk encryption? Use ZeroViewTM freeware to find out." Burn ZeroView to a CD then pop it into the CD drive of the suspect machine and it will load into memory only and display the contents of Sector 0 allowing you to determine if whole disk encryption is employed on the suspect system. Once you know, then you can take the appropriate steps to capture and preserve the data you need.

Pro Discover Basic Edition

ProDiscover Basic is a complete GUI based computer forensic software package. It includes the ability to image, preserve, analyze and report on evidence found on a computer disk drive. It is freeware and may be used and shared without charge. ProDiscover Basic edition is without support of any kind.. For information of training, please contact us by email at
ProDiscover Basic is a member of the ProDiscover family of Computer forensic software. If you need additional features, such as registry viewer, event log viewer, internet history viewer, or access to the Host Protected Area (HPA) of a disk, you may wish to consider purchasing ProDiscover for Windows. To see other features available from the ProDiscover family of computer forensic, please review the ProDiscover Family Guide in the Software Section of this web site.